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Joann Douk

My Story

Originally from the Bay Area I began sketching cartoon caricatures to amuse my family.  My parents would submit my drawings to art contests but there were no art academies accepting an 8 year old in those days.  My love for photography grew through the years and most of my paintings are inspired by moments seen through the camera lens.

Now I live in the Ojai valley and have the time to pursue my passion for painting.  I hope that you enjoy my journey as I continue to create "art from the heart."


My Art Gallery

Peaceful moments captured on canvas

My inspiration for each painting begins with an amazing photographic moment.  The colors I use for each painting is sometimes identical to what our eyes see ... but I know my personal interpretation of the image is complete when I can step back and feel a part of me has been blended into each of the final brush strokes on canvas.  That feeling truly makes my heart sing.

"Painting completed my life."

~ Frida Kahlo ~

December Sunset

16 x 40